XEBRIS pursues a holistic service approach based on the products offered.

Enabling even holistic synergies in the system landscape of our customers, in addition to the successful introduction of an XEBRIS product, is seen as additional goal. This is based on the fact that besides a large number of interfaces to existing and third-party systems, typically there are also customer-specific work processes that have grown over the years in the product environment. Thus, in order to fully exploit the advantages of the XEBRIS product as opposed to individual development, XEBRIS works with customers to develop a holistic implementation concept - the basic requirements for harmonization in the customer’s system landscape and thus, ideally for savings.

Software operating

XEBRIS products are typically offered as Software-as-a-Service. Product licensing is accompanied by a high-availability 24/7 operation of the delivered software as standard.

However, if an in-house operation at the customer is required, XEBRIS installs the corresponding products on the desired hardware and makes them ready for operation. In these cases, we are pleased to take over the monitoring and maintenance of the XEBRIS software via remote access.


Based on its many years of experience in dealing with different, traffic-relevant data formats and standards, XEBRIS has built up an extensive know-how. We are pleased to provide this support to ensure an optimized product launch or to develop a holistic customer-specific concept for dealing with traffic data in terms of efficiency, innovation and costs.