XEBRIS Solutions GmbH is a Vienna based IT company specializing in traffic data management. As an international company, XEBRIS serves customers with software solutions for the management of traffic and incident information.

Outstanding user experience in combination with high performance and availability form the cornerstones of the XEBRIS product development and all together creates the basis for the extraordinary satisfaction of our customers. XEBRIS works to the latest IT standards and actively participates as TISA member in the development of data standards in the transport sector.

Modularity and scalability of the product range enable the operation of a wide range of customers. Implementations range from a single desktop solution to custom solutions for distributed site structures with multi-level work processes. The references provide a first overview.


Our success is based on a well-established team of committed and motivated employees. Each individual is a domain expert and has multi-year experience and specific know-how.

XEBRIS applies the most modern agile methodologies in software development, focusing in particular on Scrumban, a hybrid of the Scrum and Kanban management methods, paired with a DevOps approach.

The management team consists of the four XEBRIS owners - making decision-making processes of any kind extremely efficient: