Our products

XEBRIS products stand for a future-proof system architecture as well as state-of-the-art and high-performance software technology. The entire portfolio was designed as a web solution, which enables system access and distributed work from almost any location.

The extraordinary user experience developed jointly with users guarantees the best possible support for the execution of both established and improved workflow processes.

The product TEX forms the basis of the XEBRIS product portfolio. The focus is on the collection (input), aggregation (import), enrichment (refinement) and distribution (export) of traffic and incident information. Furthermore, TEX offers users a comprehensive traffic situation report at any time.

Using optimized map and list views, the received data and the messages created within TEX are visualized in a structured way. This guarantees a targeted view of the relevant traffic events even at peak times.

TEX supports a variety of standards and formats. Besides others, it includes DATEX II, TIC Info XML, RDS-TMC as well as Floating Car Data (FCD) from sources such as TomTom and Google. The internal data format for data exchange is based on the European DATEX II standard. All imported source data is converted into DATEX II and can then be converted in any export format. The aim of TEX is to enable any format transformation and to support the widest possible range of applications through the central use of the EU standard DATEX II. Ongoing enhancements of the product complete this comprehensive proposal.

TEX offers a variety of features for everyday work. The basis for product use is a comprehensive administration backend to configure the import and export sources (such as automation rules) and the management of users and their roles. The user interface as the core enables an efficient management of the message and thereby, supports, besides others, extensive filtering capabilities, a reminder scheme and automated message processing capabilities (autopilot).

Possible areas of application of TEX are:

  • Traffic newsrooms (e.g., radio, media houses)
  • Blue light organizations (for example police / regional registration offices)
  • Traffic and road operators or road maintenance companies
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Automobile Club
  • OEMs (eg Navigation Systems, Connected Car, Autonomous Driving)

The XEBRIS solution for broadcasting - a TEX extension with radio-specific workflows. Since the radio segment is a customer group with specific workflow requirements, XEBRIS offers specific product features. Designed specifically for radio broadcasting, FLOW supports the production of traffic news, from source preparation and broadcast preparation to on-air studio presentation. Another specific feature is the data export, e.g. on RDS and DAB playout systems, websites, mobile apps, Teletext and text-to-speech systems.

The XEBRIS solution for traffic control centers. TDM stands for "Traffic Data Management”, and similar to FLOW, it also builds on the product TEX. Specific applications, which are of relevance for traffic and road operators, are supported in this way. In cooperation with future users, the product details of TDM are currently specified and subsequently developed for product maturity.

The XEBRIS data archive SCOUT is an optional module for TEX, FLOW and TDM. SCOUT enables the archiving of historical data streams as well as the research within the processed data stock. While TEX is providing the user access to the data for a limited period of 6 months, SCOUT archives the entire database from the ongoing work with TEX and thus, enables a more comprehensive and targeted research and evaluation.